View Project Dashboard

Refer the following for refining data for summary page and individual data sources:

  • Click Copy Short URL to copy the link of a respective dashboard for a project.

  • Select Time Range to view data for a selected time range. Default is Last 90 Days.

  • Eliminate data by clicking the corresponding legend caption. Click the caption again to include the data.

  • Click sparklines to open a bar chart that displays data per calendar period. Following example shows lines of code changed per calendar period.

  • Click numbers on a data card to view the respective dashboard. Following is an example of Lines of Code Changed:

  • Select a value from the drop down to quickly navigate to the respective section on Summary dashboard:

  • While navigating from top to bottom on Summary dashboard, click on the down right corner to reach to the top of the page.

Project Group

Project group dashboard shows individual projects that come under the project group, and a metrics card that shows metrics, such as total number of contributors, contributions, commits, repositories, lines of code added and modified, total number of mentions, messages, and so on for all the projects under the group.

  • Click a project to navigate to the project summary page.

  • Type a project name in Search project within field to search for a project within the project group.

  • Click Go To Overview below project group name to navigate to the project group summary page.

Project Group Dashboard

Project / Project Group Summary

When you navigate to a project's dashboard, by default the Summary page appears that displays overview of the project's data sources. The Summary page is divided into three groups: Technical Trends, Ecosystem Trends, and Community Leaderboard. Navigate to each to learn more about the data sources.

Summary Page Groups

View Identities & Affiliations: After you sign in as an administrator, you can view Identities & Affiliations below Community Leaderboard if you have access to the dashboard. Click Identities & Affiliations to view and manage contributors' affiliations. If you don't have access, click Request To Edit Affiliations from navigation bar to request for access.