Merge or Unmerge an Identity Profile

An identity is a record (tuple) composed of a name, email, username, and the name of the source from where it was extracted. Records are converted to unique identifiers.

Each unique identity has a profile that summarizes the user data. The profile can be linked to more than one identity and you can merge an identity to the profile.


  • LF Insights automatically merges a new identity to an existing profile if the new identity has the same email address and name that of the existing profile in the relational database.

  • LF Insights supports names with special characters while checking for an identity:

    • Single Apostrophe (')

    • Double Apostrophe (")

    • Dejan Mijić

    • Ján Srni?ek, and so on

To Manage an Identity:

  1. Select a project name of interest.

  2. Click Identities & Affiliations.

  3. Select a profile from Top Unaffiliated Contributor list or search for a profile.

  4. Click a row that corresponds to a name of interest.

  5. Navigate to Identity Management. The profile identities are listed. Each identity shows Name, E-mail, Username, Source, and an Unmerge button. Note: Unmerge CTA button is not displayed:

    • If there is only one identity associated with the profile

    • for the unique profile to which identities are merged

  6. Continue to merge or unmerge an identity profile:

Merge an Identity Profile

An identity relates a profile with a unique identity.

1. Click Add New. The Add an Identity pane appears:

2. Type a name or email in the Search field, and press Enter. Matching results appear.

3. Find the unaffiliated identity (Affiliations is blank) that you want to add, and click Add on the row.

4. Click X to close the window. The added identity is listed in Profile Identities.

Unmerge an Identity Profile

After you add a unique identity to a profile, the identity appears under Identity Management .

Click Unmerge, and confirm **** to unmerge the unique identity from the user profile.

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