Manage Mentees Tasks

1. To manage mentee tasks Sign in to Mentorship, click on the My Account menu icon, and select My Projects from the dropdown.

2. Select the project card to navigate to the project detail page and click on the Current Mentees tab to view the list of all the mentee applicants.

3. Click on Filter By Application Status dropdown to view accepted mentees.

View Mentee Tasks

  1. Click View Tasks to view all the tasks that are assigned to mentee. Tasks Assigned to <Mentee> table appears with all the details.

  2. Select or clear the Hide Prerequisite Tasks checkbox to view or hide the prerequisite tasks.

  3. Click Minimize to minimize the task details for the mentee.

After a mentee submits a file for a task, you can view or download the file by clicking the respective icon beside a task, as shown below.

Change Status

Select a value from the Tasks Status drop-down list: In Progress, Submitted, Completed. When you update a task, the mentee receives an email informing them that the task is updated.

Note: Mentees can also change status of a task to either In Progress or Submitted by navigating to their accounts. If Mentees change their status, the same status also reflects on you.

Below is a description of each status:

Add Task

Click + Add Task to add a new task for a selected mentee or for all the accepted mentees. The Create Task page appears. Complete the form fields and click Add Task. When you create a task, the mentee applicant receives an email informing them that a new task is assigned.

Edit Task

Important: You can not edit prerequisite tasks.

Click Edit Task for a mentee task. The Edit Task dialog appears. Modify the task and click Submit.

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