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How to Graduate Successfully

Yes, we understand. If you haven’t been involved in an open source project before it can be intimidating initially. But don’t worry, the entire community is here to help you at each step as you learn.
Sit back and Observe
Before you interact with the community members, it’s always advisable for you to observe how the community members are interacting within themselves, for example what communication channels are they using, how are they bringing up issues whenever they face any, how to send current progress, and so many. Seeing how other community members interact will help you adjust and learn the social norms in the community.
Don’t wait for an invitation, take initiative
Our tools and meetings are open by default, so jump in and introduce yourself, ask questions and share ideas:
  • Establish routine
  • Minimize distractions
  • Nurture relationships
  • Effectively manage time
  • Set mini (daily or weekly) goals
  • Regular and frequent check-ins with mentor(s) to stay on track
  • Be mindful of timezones and others’ communication preferences
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