What is Expected of You

To successfully graduate from this mentorship program, you need to be focused, and actively engage with your mentor, and if applicable other mentees. Be professional with your communication when you ask or post anything in the communication channel. Not just that, you need to be specific while asking questions from your mentors. Apart from these, following are some points to keep in mind:

Communicate: Keeping the line of communication open between you and your mentor(s) will build trust, respect, and a positive relationship that facilitates the successful completion of the project.

  • Schedule weekly check-ins to review progress, blockers, and upcoming tasks.

  • Clarify communication channels/norms with your mentor(s), project team, and broader community: email, chat, calls, wiki, and etc.

  • Be aware of communication challenges across time zones and language/cultural differences. Be on time for scheduled meetings and be respectful of your mentor’s time (remember your mentors are volunteers).

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, be upfront about gaps in skill and knowledge.

  • Inform your mentor(s) of vacation or breaks in advance and plans to make up for lost days.

Connect: Gaining a broader understanding of the open source community, industry, and potential career paths can help generate new ideas and make you a more effective and long-term contributing member of the community.

  • Take the initiative to network with other professionals beyond your immediate team that you come in contact with either remotely or F2F at hackfest, meetup, bootcamp, or conferences and so on.

  • Use project mailing list to reach out to and connect with the current cohort of peer mentors.

  • Explore projects and understand how the open source community is organized, for example Working Groups and Special Interest Groups, and how you may be able to participate or contribute.

‌ Document: Documenting your progress, agreed-on project plan, weekly goals/tasks, milestones, changes/modifications helps keep yourself on track and others you work with on the same page.

  • Develop a project plan at the start of the program and refine/revist/document changes as things progress

  • Maintain a log to track your progress and consider using the log as the basis of discussions during your weekly check-ins with mentor(s)

  • Work on project documentations as part of deliverables so that code can be used by others and to continue the development momentum

Give Feedback: At the end of the program you are asked to provide a feedback and answer several questions that will be used in blog posts about the Linux Foundation Mentorship program.

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