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Basic Information

You can update your profile information, such as basic information, affiliations, and identities.

Update Basic Information

To change your basic information, such as name, email address, postal address, and so on:
1. Log in to
2. From the left-side navigation pane, click the arrow
to expand, and navigate to Settings > Basic Information.
Profile Information
2. Under the Basic Information section, you can update the following details:
  • Profile Photo: Click the edit icon
    next to your profile photo to upload your profile photo.
  • First Name: Update your first name.
  • Last Name: Update your last name.
  • Pronoun: Select the pronoun from the list.
  • Current Organization: Add or update your organization.
    The organization name is pre-populated based on your profile information.
    To add a new organization.
    1. 1.
      click the
      icon from the Current Organization field.
    2. 2.
      Enter the required organization name, if the name is already available in the date base, it will be listed in the drop-down list. You can select the required name of the organization.
    3. 3.
      If it is a new organization, you have to click the +Add button.
    4. 4.
      The Add Organization dialog box appears. Enter the Organization URL of your organization, enter the Organization Name, and click Add.
Add Organization
3. Under the Additional Information section, you can update the following details:
  • T-Shirt Size: Select your T-shirt size from the Select Size drop-down.
  • Street: Provide the name of the street as per your postal address where you currently live.
  • City/District: Provide the name of the city or district where you currently live in.
  • State/Province: Provide the name of the state or province where you currently live.
  • Country: Select the name of the country where you currently live in.
  • Postal Code: Provide the postal code of your residence address where you currently live.
  • Phone Number: Provide your contact number.
After you finish making the changes, click Save Changes.
If any of your data is inaccurate or needs to be updated, you can reach out to the Linux Foundation Support Team by creating a support ticket.
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