Can I be a Mentor?

Mentoring people might sound interesting, however, quality mentoring requires commitment, willingness, and ability to take leadership responsibility. Before you apply to be a mentor, consider the following questions:

Are you a member of the developer community? To mentor aspiring developers for a particular project, you must have sufficient knowledge about project development. If you are already a member of the developer community, then yes, you can be a mentor. If you are not, then it might be difficult for you to introduce mentees to the project culture, and best practices. But if you are new, and still want to engage in the mentoring channel, you can be an assistance mentor, and this will help you to become a successful full-fledged mentor in future.

Will you be able to dedicate sufficient time? Quality mentoring needs your quality time with sufficient attention towards this mentorship program. So, please consider your availablity before committing to be a mentor.

Are you really interested in mentoring mentees? The primary purpose of mentoring is to help aspiring developers learn open source software development, our projects, and culture. This requires your passion, time, and patience to help the community grow. As a mentor, you will engage with mentees from the very beginning to the end of the program.\

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