Discover New Open Source Project

Discover New Projects tab under Membership Summary allows you to view the open source projects for which your employees are contributing but your organization does not have active membership programs with them. You can discover all the projects for which your organization is contributing to.

This list provides you the following details:

  • Name of the open source project for which your organization is contributing.

  • A widget that provides information on last 12 months:

    • Number of contributors from your organization contributing to the project.

    • Number of contributions from your organization.

    • Last contributed date to the open source project.

  • You can also view various member companies or child projects associated with the main project.

  • The Explore Membership link provides information on the various membership program that your organization can purchase or enroll.

A green dot will be glowing next to Actively Contributing on the top right if the organization is actively contributing to the open source project. You don't see the green mark for the projects, where there are no regular contributions from your organization.

Exploring and Applying for Membership

The Discover New Projects provides you with the list of projects which are contributed by your organization but does not have active membership with those projects. You can explore more on the benefits offered from various membership programs and apply for the interested membership programs.

To explore and apply for the membership, perform the following steps:

1.Click Explore Membership button.

2.The Benefits page appears with the list of membership programs along with the price. Click Become Member.

3.The Project Overview page appears, click Questions?Click here to raise a ticket link to create a support ticket. The support team will get back to you on how to enroll to a membership.

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