Mentee FAQs

How many mentorship terms are there per year?

The Linux Foundation provides mentorship programs throughout the year, each with specific term dates. To access detailed information about the program term dates, please refer to the programs you are interested in.

How long is a mentee engaged in the program?

The process can vary based on the project's guidelines but usually involves applying, participating, and contributing. Even after the program ends, mentees can stay involved with the community.

How much stipend do the mentees get?

It might vary based on the geographical location of the mentees. For details, see Mentee Stipends.

Does the program offer travel funding?

Several projects and foundations offer mentorship programs that may provide travel funding support to mentees who successfully complete the program. Such funding aims to help mentees attend conferences to present their mentorship results and learnings, as well as to network with others in the community. It's recommended that you check with each individual program to learn more about the support available and detailed requirements.

Is the mentee selection process transparent and in the open?

Yes, the Linux Foundation maintains transparency in the mentee selection process. Selection is based on the application materials they submitted and interview/additional assessment tasks if assigned by the mentor. If mentees meet the eligibility requirements, applications are submitted, and all the assigned tasks are completed, their applications will be reviewed.

Are mentees encouraged to make a career in open source development?

Absolutely! For mentees who successfully graduate, Linux Foundation promotes their work and contribution on social channels so that their profile comes into the eye of potential employers, and sponsors them to attend conferences so that they get a chance to present their work to the greater community and meet potential employers. Linux Foundation also encourages mentors to connect mentees with their contacts and networks and refer deserved candidates to participating companies.

Does the Linux Foundation give the mentee visibility into the community and corporations supporting open source development?

Yes, Linux Foundation offers mentees the opportunity to network with the open source project community and prospective employers at a conference! It also encourages mentees to blog about their experience and Linux Foundation amplifies their blog on its website and social media channels.

How much time did mentors expect to commit to mentoring?

There is no fixed number of hours set for mentors as long as they manage to help mentees smoothly progress throughout the mentorship program, starting from the application process to the end of the program. They should create a timetable to meet the set project plan.

Are mentees from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus allowed to participate in the LFX Mentorship Program 2022?

Due to certain circumstances, mentorship programs for 2022, organized by the Linux Foundation, are not accepting mentee applications from Russia, Belarus, or the so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) and Luhansk People's Republic (LNR). However, mentees located within Ukraine but outside of the DNR and LNR can apply to the LF mentorship programs.

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