Integrated Services for a Project

Integrated services for a project lets you see additional information about a project.

Note: Integrated services are not available for Events and Travel Funds.

To view integrated services:

  1. Navigate to Crowdfunding.

  2. From Projects tab, select a project to navigate to the project's dashboard.

  3. Funding integrates with the following independent Linux Foundation services:

Note: Integrated service is displayed on a project dashboard if the project is enrolled for the service.


Stacks shows the total number of companies and users with their company logos and profile images as well as company and individual apps the project uses as part of their stack. It gives an overview about the adoption of the project, and its impact across the industry at large.


Security provides a scanning service to detect vulnerabilities in your project by severity of vulnerabilities discovered in the project repositories. Hover mouse over a severity level to log in to Security and view details.

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