LF Events

Raise Visa letters and Travel Funding requests on the LF Events page

You must register for the event before raising a visa letter or a travel funding request.

  1. From the left-side navigation pane, navigate to EVENTS>LF Events.

  2. To view your upcoming events, select the Upcoming tab.

  3. Click Register to navigate to the Linux Foundation events page and explore events.

On the Past Meetings tab, you can view past events that you have already attended or that have expired.

Apply for the new visa letter

Visa letters are required for events that involve international participants. These letters are official documentation to support visa applications, assisting attendees in obtaining the necessary travel documentation to enter the host country.

On the MY EVENTS page, click the Visa Letters tab. Click the New Letter Application CTA to access the application page.

Follow the step-by-step procedure to complete the application and submit your application.

Raise your travel funding request

A travel funding request is a formal request made by an individual or group to a funding source, such as an employer or organization, to pay the expenses of attending an event, such as travel, accommodation, meals, and registration fees.

On the MY EVENTS page, click the Travel Funding tab. Click the New Funding Application CTA to access the application page. For a step-by-step procedure, see Travel Funding Guide.

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