Code Contributions

Code Contributions provides you with the health metrics related to the code contributions. It provides the following details, such as:

  • Total number of contributors to the project

  • Total number of new contributors to the project

  • All Time Contributors chart provides the total number of committers, maintainers, and reviewers.

In open source projects, the roles of committer, reviewer, and maintainer are crucial for the project. Here are the short definitions of each role, along with examples to help users understand:


Committer: An individual granted the privilege to directly modify a project's codebase. They have the authority to commit code changes to the project repository.

Example: In the Apache Software Foundation projects, committers are individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the project and have been granted write access to the project's code repository. They are responsible for reviewing and committing code changes.


An individual who is responsible for reviewing code changes submitted by contributors. Reviewers provide feedback, suggestions, and approval before changes are merged into the codebase.

Example: In the GitHub platform, project maintainers often assign reviewers to pull requests submitted by contributors. Reviewers examine the code changes, test them, and provide feedback to ensure code quality and adherence to project standards before merging.


A maintainer is an individual who oversees the overall health and direction of the project. Maintainers are responsible for coordinating contributions, managing releases, and ensuring the project's long-term sustainability.

Example: Maintainers have the final say on which changes are accepted into the project and are responsible for guiding its development roadmap.

New Contributors

In the context of open source projects, new contributors are individuals who make their code contributions for the first time within the selected period. They are developers who are new to the project and community and are looking to make their first contributions to the project's codebase.

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