Sign in to Your Account
To access protected Linux Foundation tools, you must sign in using your LF SSO account. If you already have a legacy Linux Foundation account formerly known as LFID, you can use it. If you just created a brand new account, please proceed as follows.
1. On the Sign In window, enter your SSO account credentials and click SIGN IN.
2. The Single Sign-On service allows users to authenticate with social and 3rd party authentication providers instead of a username and password.
3. When using a 3rd party authentication provider, you may be prompted to create a username if you don't have an existing username.
4. If you create your LF account by signing in with 3rd party authentication provider, the Linux Foundation will map your LF Account to the 3rd party login.
Learn more about using third party secure authentication systems to log in to the Linux Foundation services:
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