Coordinate Signing CLA and become initial CLA Manager

Before a CCLA is signed, there is not yet an official "CLA Manager". Someone from the contributing company will be responsible for coordinating the CCLA signing process. That person will become the initial CLA Manager after it is signed.

This person (referred to internally in EasyCLA as the "CLA Manager Designee") can get designated as the initial CLA Manager either by starting the CCLA signing process themselves, or by being designated by another prospective contributor from their company who has started the EasyCLA CCLA process.

As the person who will become the initial CLA Manager, before starting the CCLA signing process, you will need to know the following before you proceed:

  • Are you authorized to sign the CCLA on behalf of your company?

  • If you are not, what is the name and email address of someone who is authorized to sign?

You may need to consult with your management or legal department for guidance on the above questions.

CCLA signing workflow

1. Sign in to the EasyCLA corporate console.

2. Select the project from the Search field, and click EasyCLA under the project name. Note: If a CCLA signature workflow is already in process for this project, you may be taken to the screen shown in step 5.

3. Click Start the CLA process.

4. Click an answer: Are you authorized to be a CLA Manager for your organization?

5. Following screen appears. Under the Action column, click Proceed with Signing.

6. Select an answer: Are you authorized to sign CLAs on your company's behalf?

7. The Review CCLA window appears. Click Review & Sign CCLA.

8. The Preparing CCLA window appears. After CCLA preparation is completed, click Sign CCLA.

Result: You will be redirected to DocuSign to sign the CCLA.

9. Select the check box to agree to use electronic signatures, and click Continue. Follow the instructions in the DocuSign document to fill in the required fields, sign the CCLA, and click Finish.

Result: The CCLA is signed. You are now the CLA Manager from your company for this project. You will be redirected to the project page in the EasyCLA Corporate Console, and your name and email address will appear under CLA Managers From My Organization:

You will now be able to approve contributors to contribute to the project, and to add others as additional CLA Managers.

  • After signing the CCLA, you will receive an email from The Linux Foundation confirming that the CCLA is signed.

  • You can also download the signed CCLA at any time from within the EasyCLA Corporate Console.

Designating someone else as initial CLA Manager

If you clicked No in step 4 above, the Identify CLA Manager form appears:

Enter the name and email address of the person who should be the initial CLA Manager, and click Submit Request.

If you are not sure who is the initial CLA Manager, then click Contact Company Admin, which may let you reach out to your company's LFX administrative contact if your company has set someone up with this role, or reach out to your management or legal department for guidance.

You should follow up with the specified person to confirm that they complete the CCLA signing process. They must have an LF SSO account to use the EasyCLA Corporate Console. If they don't have LF SSO account, they must create one before proceeding.

Choosing someone else to sign the CCLA

If you clicked No in step 6 above, the Identify Authorized Signatory form appears:

Enter the name and email address of the person who should sign the CCLA, and click Send Signature Request Email.

After the CCLA is signed, you will be designated as the CCLA manager, and you will be able to approve contributors.

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