PCC - V1.4 Release

Release Date: 03/October/2022

PCC Overview

Project Control Center (PCC) is a platform that allows project administrators to set up the projects when they get associated with The Linux Foundation. You can set up the projects to use various services that are provided by The Linux Foundation.

PCC assists you in onboarding an open source project with great ease. Project Control Center helps you get started quickly by providing all the support that you need with self-service configuration for governance, membership, IT, developer and collaboration tools, documentation, and community roles. You can read more about PCC by visiting our website.

Some of the prominent features of PCC are listed in the following list:

  • PCC Dashboard

  • Creating Projects and Sub Projects

  • Generic setup services

  • IT services

  • Tools Onboarding

New Features, Updates and Bug Fixes

This sections provides you with list of new features, updates and bug fixes for this release.

New Features

The following list provides you an overview of new features implemented in this release:

  • Committees - Added support to add subcommittees

  • Insights - Ability to onboard projects to Insights (GitHub)

  • Meetings - Updated invite participant to allow name searching and field population


The following list provides new updates to the existing features:

  • MISC - Update DataDog RUM instrumentation to enable screen recording

  • Setup - Reenable project artifact management (uploading project files to share in Organization Dashboard)

  • Mailing List - Updated name field to be readonly and remove prefix on label

  • Meetings - Removed “Add Yourself” CTA and adds logged in user by default when scheduling a meeting

  • Domains - Improved the validation behavior of subdomains and custom domain targets

  • Email Forwarding - Updated alias recipient email validation

  • Legal - Updated legal parent from searchable input to dropdown

  • DockerHub - Updated feature flag for DockerHub

Bug Fixes

The following list provides you the bug fixes that are applied in this release:

  • Meetings - Fixed issues relating to attendees roster

  • Mailing List - Added custom error messages on edit mailing list screen when list is private

  • Committees - Fixed If there is no committee next meeting display None

  • Legal - Improved validation messages coming from unexpected Salesforce errors

  • Membership - Fixed an issue in removing newly added tier

  • Dashboard - Fixed long project name appearing chopped

  • EasyCLA - Fixed download ICLA on Safari Browser issue

  • EasyCLA - Fixed download CCLA bug

Known Issues


Support Information

You can visit the following links for more information on PCC:

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