How to Select Mentees

The very first responsibility that makes you a good mentor is selecting the right fit (mentee) for your project. This way it helps both you and the organization in getting the right candidate who eventually becomes a key player for the project.

A helpful starting point to select the right candidate is to identify why a mentee is interested in applying to the mentorship program, and what do they expect after successfully graduating from the program. Thankfully, has a well defined application process for mentees which will help you to decide. Also, as a mentor, you are expected to work with mentees during the application process so that you get enough time to choose the right candidate for this program.

Apart from this, there are some techniques that you should consider while selecting a mentee:

  • Mentee Profile: Have a look at Mentee profiles. Mentees should have required technical and communication skills to be accepted.

  • Past Performance: Check if the candidate has already been a mentee for other projects. Inquire for their past performance. Past performance will help you evaluate mentee’s interest and caliber.

  • Eagerness to Learn: Mentees should have an enthusiasm to learn open source software development and culture. Try to understand their motivation behind applying to this program. Is this just to complete a summer course or getting famous, or do they have a keen interest to learn and contribute to open source projects?

  • Enough Time in a Day: Ask mentees for their other summer plans, if they have a full-time job or number of projects they have applied or are willing to apply. This gives a better picture if the mentee is really interested in this particular mentorship program, and the number of projects helps you decide if the mentee can really dedicate sufficient time to your project. Even if people show confidence that they will be able to focus on your project along with other plans or full-time jobs, you shouldn’t make a decision based on their confidence. It’s your call, because their availability is going to impact the smoothness of this project. Encourage them to cut down on other plans if they really want to learn and grow in open source software development.

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