Vulnerability Detection

The LFX Security tool will scan your open source project code to detect any vulnerabilities in it. The LFX Security tool provides automated scanning to detect potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses, proposing recommended fixes where available to help projects address top security concerns with respect to the open source project.

Code Secrets

LFX Security has collaborated with BluBracket to scan for valuable private information in open source code, we call this information “code secrets”. Unearthing code secrets has made the open source projects more secure and the code security is enhanced to a great extent by detecting and monitoring the risks thus improving the code.

Non Inclusive Language

Diversity and inclusion initiative has been taken from the Linux Foundation when it comes to open source project. With this initiative, LFX Security in collaboration with BluBracket scans for non inclusive language. Non inclusive language that depict people unfairly in an insulting manner and exclude people based on their ethnicity, gender or color. Usage of these words or language is not expected use in the open source code.
Last modified 1mo ago