LFX Security V2.0.29 Release

Release Date:18/March/2022

LFX Security Overview

LFX Security provides a strong security for you open source code. LFX provides a clear view into the security of a given project and enables developers to identify and resolve vulnerabilities quickly and easily.

Some of the prominent features for LFX Security are:

  • Automated vulnerability scanning

  • License compliance management

  • Centralized project security dashboard

  • Fix Recommendations

  • Contextual vulnerability reporting

  • Detailed Dependency Tree

  • Neutral to Source Control Systems

  • Release Version Contextualization

  • Code secrets detection

  • Identification of Non Inclusive language in the code

New Features and Bug Fixes

This sections provides you with list of new features and bug fixes for this release.

New Features

The following list provides you an overview of new features implemented in this release:

  • BluBracket API Refactor - separated the vendor APIs and the datalake APIs into separate folders

  • Implemented LFXSEC-1828:Datalake Integration - API to Query Datalake Dependencies

  • Added Additional Project Statistics Checks

  • Added Markdown Scheduler Output Format for printing pending jobs/scheduled tags CLI

Bug Fixes

The following list provides you the bug fixes that are applied in this release:

  • BluBracket Org Lookup Fix - resolve an issue when a child project code secrets are queried and the organization information is stored with the parent. Added logic to cross-check the parent's org information

  • Fixed Snyk Projects not Found and Datalake fetch all dependencies Issues

  • Updated Project Stats CLI - cleaned up command-line flags and usage

  • Resolved Bug in the Vulnerabilities DL query related to the repository ID - now use the DL repo ID hashing function

  • Update code_secrets_details of Project statistics of project and parent projects

  • Resolved [#LFXSEC-1896] Feature/Datalake Integration

  • Resolved Project Stats - Code Secrets Details Encoding Error

  • Resolved Publish Stats Empty Message Issue

  • Resolved Additional Nil References After Service Composition Refactor, Resolved CSV Nil Pointer Issue

Known Issues


Support Information

You can visit the following links for more information on LFX Security:

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