The EasyCLA Corporate Console dashboard shows the aggregate data of all the projects that use LFX EasyCLA.

EasyCLA Statistics

  • PROJECTS USING EASYCLA: Total number of projects using EasyCLA.

  • CLA SIGNED: Total number of signed Contributor License Agreements (ICLAs and CCLAs) for Linux Foundation projects using EasyCLA.

  • TOTAL CONTRIBUTORS: Total contributors to projects using EasyCLA, including individual contributors (ICLAs) and approved company contributors (CCLAs).

  • REPOSITORIES USING EASYCLA: Total number of Git repositories enabled for CLA checks using EasyCLA.

Projects using EasyCLA

Steps to Manage CCLAs and Contributors

  1. Open Dashboard: Access your dashboard.

  2. Select Project: Choose the desired project.

  3. Search Project: Enter the project name in the search box and press Enter.

  4. Navigate Projects: Click through parent projects or foundations to find nested projects.

  5. Project Details: Click the project to open the CLA Corporate Console details page.

For more detailed information, refer to the projects documentation.

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