Individual Dashboard (MyProfile)
Individual Dashboard (also known as MyProfile) is your self-service hub for all of your open source activity. Build your personal community profile, manage credentials and contact details, display badges for completing certifications and other accomplishments, and enjoy a seamless login experience across the major systems used by the Linux Foundation projects. Most importantly, this allows you to control your data, share what you want to share, and keep private what you wish.
Information in your profile is subject to the Linux Foundation's Privacy Policy
The various sections on the profile page display respective data associated with your profile. After you log in to, you can view the following details:

Profile Overview

This section provides details, such your name, profile image, your organization name, your role in the organization, an introduction about you, and technical and social accounts that are highlighted if you have connected any of them with your Linux Foundation account. In the following image, only GitHub is connected with the account for which it is highlighted. To connect other technical and social accounts see Update Affiliations. You can edit the details by clicking the edit icons. To update other basic information, see Update Profile Information.
Profile Information

Technical Contributions

This section displays your all time contribution history to the open source projects. It shows:
  • Projects you are contributing to or have contributed in the past.
  • Details of affiliations, such as organization name or showing individual contributor along with the start and end dates.
  • Total number of lines of code contributed, total number of issues, pull requests created, and contribution to the total number of confluence pages.
  • Contribution history for last 12 months displays your monthly contribution to a project on a daily basis. The green colored small rectangular boxes
    represents how less or how much more contribution you have done to the open source projects on a particular day.
  • Click on a colored box to view details of your contribution, such as number commits, pull requested, issues, and document pages created or modified by you on that day.
Technical Contributions

View Community Roles

To view the roles you hold or have been elected to as an active member of the open source community:
  1. 2.
    Scroll down to the Community Roles section.
Community Roles
The Community roles are populated automatically based on the individual's assigned roles in different project communities. You can view the following information for each role:
  • Project Name for which you have the role
  • Committee Name
  • Role name, such as Lead, Chair, LF Staff, and so on
  • Start and end date associated with the role
If you are a contact on behalf of your company, which is a partner of the Linux Foundation and its projects, then your role in context of your employer's participation in the project is also displayed. These roles are assigned by your company administrator during the membership enrollment process.

View Training and Certifications

You can view the training courses that you have enrolled in, and the certifications you have completed.
  1. 2.
    To view completed certifications, scroll down to the Linux Foundation and Project Issued Certifications section.
  2. 3.
    To view enrolled training courses, scroll down to the Training Enrollment section.
View Training and Certifications
The section will display the following details:
  • The names of the training courses and certifications you are enrolled in or have completed.
  • The dates for each of training and certification courses enrolled and completed.
  • If you have not enrolled into trainings and certifications, the Explore Certifications and Explore Training Programs CTA button navigates you to the Linux Foundation Certification and Training course catalogues respectively.

Add or Remove Skills

To add or remove your skill sets:
2. Scroll down to Skills section, and click the edit icon
Add or Remove Skills
3. On the Manage Skill subpage, enter your skill set and select the skill from the displayed list, and click Add Skill.
4. To remove a skill set, click the cross mark next to an added skill.
5. Close the window after you have completed adding or removing a skill.
Manage Skills

View Projects You Support as an Individual Supporter

You can view the projects that you support by enrolling as an individual supporter.
  1. 2.
    Scroll down to Supported Projects section.
It displays the project name, and the date when you enrolled as an individual supporter. Click the edit icon
to navigate to the Individual Enrollment page to see details.
Supported Projects

View Profile Visibility, Profile Completion, upcoming Events, and Badges

From the right side pane of the window, you can view and manage profile visibility, view and complete profile completion details, view any upcoming Linux Foundation events that you have registered, and many more.
  • Profile Visibility section displays if your profile is public or private. Click Manage Settings to navigate to Manage Visibility page to make your profile public or private.
  • Your Profile shows a semi circular arc displaying percentage of your profile visibility. Click View Completion Details to view the completed and pending profile information.
  • Under Your Profile, you can click Connect LinkedIn and Connect GitHub to connect the respective accounts if you have not already connected.
  • My Upcoming Events displays the upcoming events that you have registered to attend. It shows the event name, date and location of the event. Click the event to view details.
  • Badges shows the community badges that you have acquired. Community badges are generated from the following sources:
    1. 1.
      For the Linux Foundation Certifications you have successfully passed.
    2. 2.
      For **** speaking engagements at various Linux Foundation Events or participation in program committees for these events.
    Clicking on the badge will take you to the Certification Verification page.
View Profile Visibility and Other Details
Badge Verification

Add or Remove Registered Email

You can add or remove an email form the Basic Information window. For details, see Update Profile Information.

View Coupons and Transactions

You can view coupons you are rewarded with, and also transaction details. To know more, see View Rewards.
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