Create Project Plan and Prepare Mentees

You will be engaged with mentees right from the application process. During this period, you will work with mentees in creating a project plan, deciding on scheduled meeting times, and so on. As a mentor, it is your responsibility to prepare mentees before they start contributing to the project. It might take some extra effort for you to prepare the mentees who are new to the open source community. Following are some goals to keep in mind:

  • Make Mentees familiarize with the development environment, such as the version control system, communication channels, bug trackers, and necessary documents to read.

  • As this mentorship is a step-by-step process, and mentees will be evaluated on a periodic basis, you should define the project planning, strategically, and keep tangible requirements ready for each evaluation period.

  • Help mentees engage socially with the community

  • Encourage and prepare mentees to actively participate in all areas of this mentorship program, starting from coding to documentation.

  • Provide reasonable time for mentees to learn and adapt to the open source community and culture.

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