Review and sign a Corporate CLA by Request

Note: The CLA Signatory does not need to have a Linux Foundation Single Sign-On (SSO) account to sign a corporate CLA.

To sign the CCLA, after someone else has coordinated the CCLA signing process and designated you to sign:

1. Look in your email inbox for a CLA Sign Request email and open the email.

2. Click the link in the email to review and sign CLA.​ The "Preparing CCLA" dialog opens.

3. After the CCLA preparation is complete, click Sign CCLA.

Result: You will be redirected to complete the DocuSign process.

4. Select the check box to agree to use electronic signatures, and click Continue. Follow the instructions in the DocuSign document to fill in the required fields, sign the CCLA, and click Finish.

  • After signing the CCLA, you will receive an email from The Linux Foundation confirming that it was signed.

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