Security Audit
Security Audit page displays the projects that are currently enrolled for security audit performed by Open Source Technology Improvement Fund (OSTIF).
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    Navigate to Crowdfunding.
  2. 2.
    From Security Audits (OSTIF) tab, select a project to navigate to the project's dashboard.
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    Select one of the following tabs to view details:


The overview shows some or all of the following items depending on the data that is available:
Click Donate to donate to the project.
Current Balance
The total amount of funds available in the account.
Sponsor Organizations
The logos of companies that sponsor the project.
View Repository
Opens the project repository in GitHub.
View Website
Opens the associated website.
CII badge field
A CII Badge indicated that a project participates in the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Badge Program.
Code of Conduct
Link to the project's code of conduct. If the project doesn't have its own code of conduct, the link will default to Contributor Covenant code of conduct.


Dashboard shows various aspects of the project.
Current Balance
The total amount of funds available in the account.
The amount of money that has been donated to the project.
The amount of money spent or costs incurred for the project, which indicate the cost of doing business.
Recent Transactions
Lists recorded financial transactions in chronological order. Click View all transactions to see a log of transactions.


The Financial tab lists all transactions with details in chronological order. Click the icon next to Fees to see the see distribution of applicable fees.
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