Add or Delete CLA Managers

As a CLA Manager for a project, you can:

Add a CLA Manager:

Note: The new CLA Manager must have an LF SSO account to be added as a CLA Manager. If they do not yet have one, they must create one before you add them as a CLA Manager.
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    Navigate to the project for which you want to add a CLA Manager.
  3. 3.
    Navigate to CLA Managers For My Organization section, and click + Add CLA Manager.
Add CLA Manager CTA
4. On the Adding CLA Manager window, type first name, last name, email address, and click Add.
Adding CLA Manager

Delete a CLA Manager:

Important: A company that has signed a CCLA will always have at least one CLA Manager for that project, and you cannot delete the CLA manager if there is only one CLA manager.
under Manage column on a CLA manager's row to delete the user.