You can donate/sponsor to the open source projects or events that you want to support. Donating/Sponsoring lets you:

  • Provide financial support to the projects that make up critical parts of your technology stack

  • Get public recognition for funding the project community

  • Ensure transparency as to how funds are being spent

The following eligibility rules apply to donors:

  • Must be able to make a donation in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Must not reside in a country or jurisdiction, or be subject to sanctions programs, where the donation would be prohibited under applicable U.S. federal, state or local laws or the laws of other countries.

  • Donations on behalf of an organization (such as an employer) must be authorized by that organization.

Consider the following information before you donate:

  • Your donation is made to The Linux Foundation and is deposited in an account managed by The Linux Foundation. Unless otherwise explicitly specified by The Linux Foundation, your donation will not be tax-deductible under United States federal taxation laws.

  • To ensure transparency, a record of each donation may be retained indefinitely and made public in the ledger on the project’s page.

  • Funding occurs on a one-time or recurring monthly basis.

  • The Linux Foundation will underwrite all platform fees for the first $10M USD donated to projects, as well as any fees charged by third-party payment processors. Subsequent donations after $10M will be charged a 5% platform fee, plus any fee that may be charged by the third-party payment processor through which the donor makes the donation.

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