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Travel Fund Application

Travel Fund Details

Travel Fund Name
A travel fund name which must be unique
Note: Funds of a different type can use the same name. For example, a Travel Fund and a Project fund can use the same name.
Topic / Category
Topic or category that relates to your Travel Fund. Click
after you select category/ categories.
Elevator pitch
Brief statement of why your Travel Fund is important to support.
Website URL
A link to website that you want to associate with the fund.
Application URL
The specific URL where people can apply for travel fund.
Start Date
Start date of your travel fund.
End Date
Ens date of your travel fund.

Travel Fund Branding

Travel Fund Logo
Symbol or other design adopted by your organization identifies your Travel Fund. Click Browse to upload a JPG, PNG, or SVG file that should be 2MB max.
Accent Color
A color that you want use as your travel fund brand. Enter a hexadecimal number or click in the field to open the color picker.

Travel Fund Beneficiaries

Travel fund beneficiaries are individuals who receive invitation from Expensify (an expense management application) to submit reimbursement for their expenses.
Note: You will be automatically added as a beneficiary when you submit a new travel fund application. To add more beneficiaries, click + Add beneficiary and complete the fields that appear.
Name of the person who you want to designate as a beneficiary of funds.
Email of the individual.
after you enter name and email address of the person you want to add as a beneficiary.
Note: Only the person who submitted this application can add or remove beneficiaries. The finance team is notified and adjusts the Expensify accounts accordingly.

Travel Fund Budget

Annual Travel Fund Budget Total is a total funding budget for the year. The Total Budget is the sum of the individual goal amounts.

Travel Fund Funding Distribution

Enable goals for how you want to distribute funds in your Travel fund, and complete the fields that appear—see the example below. Enter a percentage of your Annual Travel Fund amount to designate towards the goal.
Funding Distribution

Financial Summary

The Financial Summary shows the annual financial goal and progress towards it by individual goal.

Terms and Conditions

Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, and Submit the application.
After The Linux Foundation reviews the application, you will receive an email notification with a review decision.
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