EasyCLA Project Requirements

To utilize EasyCLA, a project must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Linux Foundation Hosting: EasyCLA is tailored exclusively for projects under the Linux Foundation umbrella. Projects or repositories hosted elsewhere are not supported.

This service is incompatible with projects or repositories outside the Linux Foundation.

  • Supported Platforms: Projects must be hosted on GitHub, Gerrit, or GitLab.

  • Gerrit Requirements: For projects using Gerrit, the Gerrit instance must be hosted by the Linux Foundation.

  • Repository Settings: Repository administrators are required to enable Branch Restrictions and Branch Protection on GitHub or GitLab. These settings must enforce required status checks on branches, irrespective of the organization member's role.

Accessing EasyCLA

CLA Managers seeking access to EasyCLA must have an LF Single Sign-On (SSO) account. To create an LF SSO account, visit Creating an LF SSO Account.

For a project to use EasyCLA, it must meet the following requirements:

For a company to sign a project's CCLA, they must identify the appropriate company employees who will be the CLA Manager and CLA Signatory for that CCLA.

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