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The Linux Foundation is a technology association of several companies that help scale open source projects. The Linux Foundation provides platforms to support the sustainability of the open source ecosystem by providing various services, events, and training.

What is LFX?

LFX is a suite of tools built by the Linux Foundation to facilitate every aspect of open source development. The toolkit operationalizes the organization’s proven methodology for transforming projects into category leaders, providing direct support to projects, and empowering open source developers to write better, more secure code and grow sustainable ecosystems.

Why was LFX created?

The world runs on open source, and projects need more than a version control or source control system to scale. The Linux Foundation has developed a proven methodology to transform projects into category leaders. LFX operationalizes this approach, providing a suite of tools built to facilitate every aspect of open source development.

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Available tools include...

  • Insights give you complete visibility into project performance and ecosystem trends. Understand your contributor community and make informed decisions with our analytics and reporting tools.

  • Security (Beta Available) gives you more visibility into your project's security by automatically monitoring thousands of open source repositories for possible vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

  • Individual Dashboard is your self-service hub for all of your open source activity. Build your profile, manage your credentials and contact details, update your affiliations, and track your community participation all in one place.

  • EasyCLA streamlines the management and execution of Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) so you can stay compliant with project policies.

  • Mentorship Streamline the process of connecting up-and-coming open source contributors with seasoned mentors. By investing in this effort, you can foster a more robust, diverse pool of skilled developers and engineers.

  • Crowdfunding makes it possible for open source projects to raise money from individuals and organizations who believe in what they're building. Projects receive 100% of donations and manage their funds.

  • Project Control Center (Limited Access Beta Early 2021) provides seamless operations support across governance, IT, and product management needs so you can focus on getting the work done.

  • The Organization Dashboard, referred to as the company dashboard, serves as a central location to manage and track your organization's open source activities.

Who can access the LFX Platform?

The LFX tools offer significant value to developers and sponsors of open source projects hosted by the Linux Foundation.


  • Free Platform: The platform is free for open source projects.

  • Additional Tools:

    • Crowdfunding: provides essential resources for community projects.

    • Mentorship: offers support to the broader open source community.

Getting Started:

If you're developing or supporting open source projects under the Linux Foundation:

  • Access various useful tools by signing in with your LFID.

Start leveraging these resources to enhance your open source project today.

How do I get started using LFX for my project?

Log in to Project Control Center (PCC) using your Linux Foundation account and follow the step-by-step instructions. The application process takes just a few minutes, and then the LFX team will review your submission. You’ll receive communication from us once the project setup is completed.

Note: Only project maintainers or collaborators with administrative control can set up a project in LFX.

Can I add other maintainers to my project?

LFX supports one maintainer per project at this time. This user serves as the administrator of the project within the platform.

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