What is The Linux Foundation Mentorship Program?

The Linux Foundation Mentorship program serves an important role in creating a structured hands-on learning opportunity for mentees—students, new and active programmers who want to learn open source software development— to gain exposure to open source development. The program matches mentees, based on their skills and interests, with mentors to learn and contribute to open source projects, and get paid for it.

Accepted mentees get opportunities to learn open-source software development, and get hired by the potential employers participating in the program. The interesting part is you write code for the open-source software products that are used by the whole world– sounds exciting, doesn't it? So, take pride. Apply to the Mentorship program to be guided by Mentors, and become a part of open-source communities; learn, get paid, and get hired.

Goals of the Program

This program is designed to help developers with necessary skills— many of whom are first-time open source contributors— experiment, learn, and contribute effectively to open source communities, which can initially seem overwhelmingly vast.

Following are the core goals of the Mentorship Program:

  • Help mentees learn and enhance their technical skills, and inspire them to become long-term active contributors.

  • Teach aspiring developers the open source culture and collaboration norms, and guide them to participate in open source community more effectively by using collaboration tools and infrastructure.

  • Strengthen projects and the communities that are crucial to the Linux ecosystem by improving security and quality of releases.

  • Provide a skilled and diverse talented pool of prospective employees trained by experts to companies in the ecosystem of related technology.

  • Add well-trained and educated diverse talent to projects, and inspire them to write code for open-source software products for the benefit of the entire community and users.

Program Structure

The Mentorship program is a 12-week full-time or 24-week part-time training program. There will be a time period for prerequisite tasks completion, skill evaluation, review and selection process prior to starting of actual training.

  1. Mentee prerequisite and skill evaluation process - 2 weeks (not applicable to all projects)

  2. Mentee application process - 6 weeks

  3. Review and selection process - 2 weeks

  4. Mentee contract and HR process - 2 weeks

  5. Mentorship full-time program - 12 weeks (40 hrs/week)

  6. Mentorship part-time program - 24 weeks (20 hrs/week)

  7. Write and publish a blog about your experience and the project you completed. Get in touch with project admins for help.

  8. Get digital Letter of Completion

  9. Attending an event: a project event scheduled during/after the mentorship program

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