Add and Manage Gerrit Organizations

Before you can add or manage Gerrit organizations and repositories, you must connect or add Gerrit organizations while setting up IT services. However, you can also add Gerrit organization in the Gerrit pane of Tools tab.

After you successfully add Git organizations, you can:

Add Gerrit Organization


  • If you have already added a Gerrit instance during the EasyCLA on-boarding process, skip this procedure unless you want to add more Gerrit instances.

  • After you add a Gerrit organization, all of its repositories are EasyCLA-enabled by default.

1. Click the + sign at the top right of Add Gerrit Organization.

2. Complete the form fields, and click Connect.

Gerrit Instance Name - Name of the Gerrit Instance

Gerrit Instance URL - URL of the Gerrit Instance

ICLA Group ID - An existing LDAP Group ID for Individual CLAs

CCLA Group ID - An existing LDAP Group ID for Corporate CLAs


  • Contact the Linux Foundation IT team to get Gerrit Instance Name and URL.

  • Contact the Linux Foundation IT team if you do not know the LDAP Group IDs.

  • One or both LDAP groups must exist for you to be able to create a Gerrit instance. If a group does not exist, an error message appears and you are prevented from creating a Gerrit instance.

The EasyCLA project console lists the CLA-enabled instances, as shown below.​​

Note: You cannot disable the CLA check for individual Gerrit repositories.

Disassociate Gerrit Organization

1. Click Disassociate Gerrit next to a Gerrit Instance, and click Yes, Disconnect on the confirmation page.

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