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View Mentorship Program Details

To view program details, navigate to the Mentorship platform, and under the Mentorships tab, select the program you would like to view.
Mentorship program
Meentee's profile
Graduate Mentee's profile
On the program detail page, you can view the following information, depending on the available data:
CII Badge
Indicates project's participation in the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Badge Program. A CII badge means the project is self-certified and follows best practices for secure open source development. Click on the badge to view more details.
Avatars of the current mentees
Current term(s)
Logos of companies that are sponsoring mentee stipends.
Avatars of the mentors
Project Skills
Skills required in order to apply to the mentorship program
View Repository
Link to project GitHub repository
View Site
Link to relevant website
Code of Conduct
Link to project's code of conduct.
Apply/Applications Closed
CTA button to apply to the mentorship program. The CTA is disabled when program no longer accepts mentee applications
View Crowdfunding
The CTA button takes you to the crowdfunding platform to make donations to the mentorship program
The Mentors section contains mentor profile cards, click on View Profile to navigate to the mentor's profile page.
Mentee profile cards can be found in the Mentees section; click View Profile to go to the mentor's profile page.
The Graduated Mentees section contains profiles of the mentees who successfully completed the project's mentorship program, click on View Profile and navigate to the mentor's profile page.
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