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We are all aware that an open source maintainer's work is important to the success of our open source projects. When the code is not resolved, they resolve it. Similarly, when the code is not reviewed, they review it. Maintainers are the maestros of an open source opera.

It is reasonable that our maintainers are acknowledged and valued. As a result, LFX has added support for maintainer Credly badges on the Individual Dashboard.

For our maintainers, the process is simple. Follow these simple steps:

1. Access your LFX profile

Navigate to the Individual Dashboard, and sign in using your LF account.

2. Connect your GitHub identity to your LFX Profile

Maintainer badges are verified through your GitHub identities, so ensure your GitHub identities are connected to your LFX Profile. For more information, see connect GitHub.

Skip step 2 if you are already connected to you GitHub account.

3. Congratulations! Enjoy your badge

Congratulations, that's all! We will now verify that you are a maintainer by cross-checking your project's maintainer documentation on the back end. Our maintainer badge validation process takes 7 days. You will be notified.

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