Consider the following benefits for mentors who participate in the Mentorship program:
    Give back by introducing new participants to project communities
    Pass along to mentees the skills and expertise you have developed
    Leverage mentees to help augment the existing developer community’s resources and efforts
    Grow your project’s community by helping new developers get involved

Eligibility Rules

The following eligibility rules apply to program applicants. You:
    Must be at least 18 years of age
    Must be a participant (administrator, contributor, and so on) in the project for which you want to be a mentor
    Should have significant experience on the subject matter and the skills that the mentees will be developing
    Must not be subject to any obligations to third parties (such as contractual obligations to an employer) that would restrict or prohibit performing as a mentor
    Must be able to devote sufficient time to assisting one or more mentees on a regular basis throughout their mentorships


Consider the following mentorship responsibilities and duties before you apply to be a mentor. You will:
    Review applicant eligibility
    Review applicant contributions and be available to respond to applicant questions promptly
    Judge applicant applications based on completing tasks and accept mentees
    Assign tasks for the mentee
    Track your mentees' progress
    Write a graduation report for the mentee and refer the graduate to companies for interview opportunities
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