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Consider the following benefits for mentors who participate in the mentoring program:
  • Give back by introducing new participants to project communities
  • Pass along to mentees the skills and expertise you have developed
  • Leverage mentees to help augment the existing developer community’s resources and efforts
  • Grow your project’s community by helping new developers get involved

Eligibility Rules

The following eligibility rules apply to program applicants: You:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a participant (administrator, contributor, and so on) in the project for which you want to be a mentor
  • Should have significant experience on the subject matter and the skills that the mentees will be developing
  • Must not be subject to any obligations to third parties (such as contractual obligations to an employer) that would restrict or prohibit performing as a mentor
  • Must be able to devote sufficient time to assisting one or more mentees on a regular basis throughout their mentorships


Consider the following mentorship responsibilities and duties before you apply to be a mentor: You will:
  • Review applicant eligibility
  • Review applicant contributions and be available to respond to applicant questions promptly
  • Judge applicant applications based on completing tasks and accept mentees
  • Assign tasks for the mentee
  • Track your mentees' progress
  • Write a graduation report for the mentee and refer the graduate to companies for interview opportunities
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