LFX Security V2.0.33 Release

Release Date 08/April/2022

New Features and Bug Fixes

This sections provides you with list of new features and bug fixes for this release.

  • Added Datalake Provider Interface - Abstracted Vendor vs Datalake queries

  • Updated BB Vendor Repo Scan Status Queries -> migrated from GET to POST with payload to support larger queries

  • Updated GitHub Webhook validation logic - tested/validated webhook secrets

  • Added Redis Caching on a number of API calls to increase query performance (local, vendor, and datalake sources). Added cache invalidation logic

  • Added Query Logic support for Global query on the v2 UX (search by project, CVE, CWE, GHSA, Language)

  • Expanded queries on the vulnerabilities page to support filtering for issue type/title, severity, CVE, CWE, GHSA, state (fixed/not fixed)

  • Updated API for BB non-inclusive language notifications (added logic to work with vendor and datalake, track notifications locally)

Bug Fixes


Known Issues


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