Training and Certifications

Training and Certifications (T&C) menu under Dashboard provides you a complete insights related to T&C activities related to your organization. The T&C menu which is available in Dashboard provides you the T&C KPI's with respect to your organization.

The T&C menu provides you the following details:

  • You can customize and view detailed insights related to T&C for the last 3 years, YTD (year to date), all time and a two year comparison data.

  • A widget that provides you a quick information on employees enrolled for trainings, certified employees and many other useful information related to T&C.

  • Training insights provides various graphs and tables related to trainings across your organization.

  • Certification insights provides various graphs and tables related to certifications across your organization.

  • Member promotions.

Accessing Training and Certifications

To access your Training and Certifications, perform the following steps:

1.Login to Organization Dashboard.

2.On the vertical sidebar navigation menu, in the Search box enter your company or organization name. By default, the dashboard page will appear. Click the Training & Certification menu available on the Vertical Sidebar navigation menu.

Yearly Filters

The Training and Certifications page has yearly filter tool bar that allows you to view the T&C insights for the selected year. The yearly filter has YTD, last three years, all time data and 2 year comparison.

Year to date (YTD) is a period of time beginning the first day of the current calendar year or fiscal year up to the current date.

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