Manage Mentees Applications

Important: You cannot accept a mentee who has graduated or is actively participating in another Linux Foundation mentorship program.
1. To manage mentee applications **** Sign in to Mentorship, click on My Account menu icon, and select My Projects from dropdown.
2. Select the project card to navigate to the project detail page and click on the Current Mentees tab to view the list of all the mentee applicants.
Please note the following application statuses:
  • Pending - mentee has applied to the mentorship program. The mentee application is ready for review when "Tasks Submitted" is displayed above the status dropdown.
  • Accepted - mentee has been accepted to the program. Accepted mentees are also visible on the program Dashboard
  • Withdrawn - mentee has withdrawn the application. This status will also apply when admin withdraws a mentee because of nonperformance.
  • Declined - mentee's application for the mentorship program has been declined.
  • Graduated - mentee has successfully completed the mentorship program.
The Current Mentees section contains the following information:
mentee name and avatar
Application Status
indicates mentee application
Application Dates
Created: date when the applicant submitted the application.
Updated: date when the applicant updated the application.
Other Applications
names of other projects that you manage to which the applicant has applied, along with application status.
View Tasks
CTA to view and manage mentee tasks
+Add Task
CTA to add tasks for mentees
Decline All Pending Mentees Listed Below
CTA button to simultaneously decline all mentees with pending application status
Filter By Application Status
Dropdown to filter mentee candidates by their application status
Download Mentees By Status
CTA button to download a .csv file with a list of all the mentees based on the selected application status