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Apply for Crowdfunding

You can submit an application to receive financial support from organizations and individuals to grow your community. Submitted applications are reviewed by The Linux Foundation before they're published and visible on the Crowdfunding platform. Projects are reviewed based on the following factors:
  • Open source status - projects must be 100% open source
  • Community-wide adoption
  • Alignment with The Linux Foundation’s support of open source initiative

Submission Guidelines

Consider the following submission guidelines before you apply:
  • GitHub Project and Git Project:
    • Your project is 100% open source, has more than one active contributor, and is not backed solely by a single company
    • Your project has at least 100 stars on GitHub (or a comparable rating on other Git-based sources)
    • You own the public Git-based repository
    • You are responsible for project communications
    • You will be responsible for managing payments from project funds
    • You can determine fundraising goals
  • Events and Travel Funds:
    • You are responsible for the fund communications
    • You will be responsible for managing payments from the funds
    • You can determine fundraising goals

Submit an Application

Important: The application includes information about you and your project; provide this information if you are authorized to provide on behalf of your project.
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    Click Apply from the navigation bar, and then select an option.
Apply to enroll for Crowdfunding
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