Approve and Manage Contributors

After a company signs a CCLA, the company's CLA Managers can approve their company's employees to contribute by adding them to their Approved List for that project. Approved Lists are lists of domain names, email addresses of individuals, GitHub usernames, GitHub organization names, that allow contributors to be authorized to contribute under the signed CCLA.

Note: CLA Managers may receive an email after a contributor sends a request to be added to the Approved list. To approve them, the CLA Manager must add their email address or GitHub username to the approved list.

As a CLA manager for a project, you can:

Note: Before doing any of the following actions, you must first be a CLA Manager under a signed CCLA. If your company has not yet signed a CCLA, you will need to first coordinate the CCLA signing process.

Add Contributor(s)

  1. ​Sign in to the EasyCLA Corporate Console.

  2. Click a project of interest.

  3. Click + Add Approval Criteria under Approved List Of Contributions From My Organization.

4. On the Add Approval Criteria window, select an option from the drop-down list, and provide details in the field next to it.


  • Email Address Domain allows contribution from anyone with an email address with that domain name.

  • Contributor's Gerrit/GitHub Email address allows contribution from the person with that email address.

  • GitHub Organization allows contribution from anyone in that GitHub organization.

  • GitHub Username allows contribution from the contributor with that GitHub username.

  • GitLab Group URL allows contribution from anyone associated with the GitLab Group.

  • GitLab Username allows contribution from the contributor with that GitLab username.

5. Click +Add More to add other details for more contributors.

6. Click Save to save the approval criteria settings.

Note: If you add a contributor to the approved list after you receive an email requesting authorization, inform them to acknowledge company contribution before they contribute to the project.

Edit a Contributor's Details

Delete a Contributor's Details

Note: If you delete a contributor's details or an approval criteria, then the status of signature for the contributor, who signed a CLA under a CLA group with that criteria, will be displayed as "Disabled" under Signatory tab of the CLA group on project console. For details about the statuses see, Signatures. Only Project Managers and Community Program managers can access project console (also called Project Control Center).

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