Sponsor Events

You can sponsor events and meetups, and the associated activities that you want to support.

Keep these items ready before you begin:

  • If you are donating as an organization, a logo file for your organization in JPG, PNG, SVG format with a maximum size of 2 MB

  • If you are making a payment using an invoice, information such as account and routing numbers

To Sponsor an Event:

**** 1. Sign in to Crowdfunding. ****

3. Select Individual or an Organization. If you select Organization, you can add, edit, or delete an organization anytime.

4. Click in the I want to give field and type a dollar amount or select a predefined dollar or sponsor option.The One-time donation frequency is enabled by default.

5. For Payment Method, select Credit or debit card or Invoice.

  • The Invoice Payment Method is enabled only if you donate as an Organization and select One-time.

  • Credit or debit card lets you add a default card or edit a default card to use for your donation payment. Click Add Card or Edit Card to add or edit a card, respectively. Enter your card details and click Submit.

  • Invoice lets you request an invoice from the Linux Foundation for your donation. If you have a purchase order number, enter the number in the PO Number field that appears. If you want to request a purchase order number, contact your Linux Foundation administrator—the Finance team will contact you. The Finance team can work with your organization for other methods of payment such as checks.

6. Review your donation summary and your donation amounts in the Review Donation section.

7. Agree to the terms and select the checkbox.

8. Click Submit Sponsorship.

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