Participant Roles

Following are various types of roles for the mentorship program:


This is You— community members who guide mentees. Mentors help mentees learn open source development by providing thorough guidance. In addition to that, mentors also help contributors to integrate into project communities, and refer mentees to potential employers.

Program Maintainer

Program maintainers are the individuals who enroll the mentorship programs. They can be employees of Linux Foundation, and manage the entire program, and take a wide range of responsibilities, such as creating and analyzing the program evaluations, ensuring that mentees are paid on time, ensuring that mentors and mentees are in sync throughout the program, responding to inquiries, and so on.


Mentee is a college or university student, or an active developer who wants to learn open source software development. Mentees must be at least 18 years of age to enroll into this mentorship program. Mentees come from diverse academic, geographical, and social backgrounds.So, keeping in mind that mentees come from diverse backgrounds, set a universal tone while communicating with mentees throughout the learning process.\

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