The Coupons section provides a list of training, certifications, or events for which you are eligible to claim coupons using the coupon codes.

You can use these coupon codes by redeeming the reward points.

This section provides details of the training, certifications, events, discounts, and reward points you can redeem.

Earned Coupons

Earned coupons allow you to claim a discount for training, certifications, and events. You are eligible for earned coupons:

  • If you have previously registered for any event or purchased any training or certifications from the Linux Foundation, For example, if you have registered for an event, say the Cloud Native conference, you will receive an earned coupon for that.

  • If you have purchased any training and certification products. You earn 1 point for every $1 spent on training and certification products. You can redeem a coupon by using these reward points.

You need a minimum of 500 reward points to redeem a coupon.

Claim the earned coupon:

1. Log in to My Profile using your LF account, and from the left-side navigation pane, navigate to Purchases > Coupons.

2. The Redeemable Coupons section appears with the list of training and certifications for which you are eligible to claim the coupon code. Click the Redeem with 500 Points CTA.

3. A pop-up message appears. Click Claim Code.

  1. Copy the discount code and paste it at checkout on the Training Portal.

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