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Donate as an Individual

As an Individual, you can donate a minimum of $5. When donating to a project, you may request that your donation is used towards a specific funding goal or all project needs. However, the project maintainers can adjust fund allocations and may not use the funds per requested allocation.
To donate to a project:
1. **** Sign in to Crowdfunding, and click Donate on a project card.
Note: If you click Donate on a project card on Mentorship platform, you will be redirected to the Crowdfunding donation form for the project.
2. Select Individual option on the donation form, the I want to give options show preset amounts for individual donor.

3. Select a preset amount or click in the I want to give field and type in a dollar amount.
4.Select a donation frequency option: One-time or Monthly.
  • If you select Monthly, you will be billed on a recurring basis that is on the first calendar day of each month**.**
  • You can cancel your recurring donation by logging into your account and changing your donation settings.
5. From Donation allocation drop-down list, select a project goal for your donation to support.
6. Credit or debit card lets you add a default card or edit a default card to use for your donation payment. Click Add Card or Edit Card to add or edit a card, respectively. Enter your card details and click Submit.
7. Review your donation summary and your donation amounts in the Review Donation section.
8. Agree to the terms and select the checkbox.
9. Click Submit Donation or Submit Subscription, depending on your donation selection.
At any time, you can sign in to Crowdfunding, select My Transactions tab to edit your monthly donation amount—click Edit monthly donation on the project of interest.
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