What is LFX EasyCLA?


LFX EasyCLA is the only CLA management tool to correctly support both individual and corporate CLA workflows in an automated environment.

Key Features

  • Streamlined Workflows: Simplifies workflows for project maintainers, contributors, and organizations with contributing employees.

  • Automated Processes: Coordinates the process of getting CLAs signed and authorizing employees to contribute under a signed CLA.

  • Open Source: Hosted by The Linux Foundation, this open source solution automates manual processes.


  • Reduced Delays: Helps developers quickly get authorized under a CLA.

  • Efficient Contributions: Streamlines the contribution process for open source projects that use CLAs.


Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) are facilitated by LFX EasyCLA, ensuring a smooth and efficient contribution process for all parties involved.

What is a CLA?

Some projects use a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to define the terms under which content (such as source code or documentation) is contributed to the project.

Not all projects use CLAs; many use alternative contribution mechanisms, such as the Developer Certificate of Origin sign-off process. For those who do use CLAs, LFX EasyCLA helps to ensure that contributions are not merged into a project unless the contributors are covered under a signed CLA.

There are two types of CLAs:

  • Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA)

    If a contribution is made on behalf of a company (usually the contributor’s employer), it should be done using a CCLA. The person signing the CCLA must have the authority to enter into legal contracts on behalf of the company, which is often not the contributor.

    Once a company signs a CCLA, the CLA Manager will utilize the EasyCLA Corporate Console to oversee the authorized contributors list.

  • Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA)

    Contributors who own their contributions should sign an ICLA before their contributions can be merged into the project repository.

For either a CCLA or an ICLA, after the contributor is authorized under a signed CLA, they will be able to contribute to that project without being blocked by the EasyCLA checks.

How Does EasyCLA Work?

Following is a high-level diagram, showing the different flows and roles that EasyCLA supports:

Different Consoles of EasyCLA:

  • EasyCLA Project Console for a project's director or manager (typically an LF staff member) to oversee the project's CLA setup. It is sometimes referred as the LFX Project Control Center in this documentation.

  • EasyCLA Contributor Console for a contributor to a project to sign an Individual CLA (ICLA), or to start the corporate CLA (CCLA) signature process.

  • EasyCLA Corporate Console for a company's CLA Manager to coordinate the corporate CLA signature process, and then to manage their company's authorized contributors.

Quick Help

For information about getting started with contributing to a project that uses EasyCLA, please see Getting Started and our FAQs page.

For support questions, please see our Troubleshooting page or file a support ticket.

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