My project groups

Manage the settings of your project groups in CM

Manage your project settings

  1. On the project group card, click Settings CTA.

  2. On the Manage Projects page, you can either scroll down or use the search box to see the projects listed under your project group.

If you do not see certain projects or subprojects listed in CM, then contact the onboarding team to add that project.

You cannot add or delete the projects or sub-projects in your project groups.

Manage Integrations

  1. Select the project for which you want to integrate the data sources.

  2. Click Manage Integrations CTA.

  3. On the INTEGRATIONS page, select the data source that you want to integrate and follow the integration steps.

View Project(s) group page

  1. On the project group card, click Project(s) CTA.

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