Crowdfunding makes it easy for individuals and organizations to donate, providing a neutral and trusted platform managed by the Linux Foundation. Projects receive 100% of donations and manage their own funds.

Browse through projects to learn about their fundraising goals, donations, expenses, and security vulnerabilities.

Project Maintainers can submit an application for financial support from individuals and companies to grow their open source communities. The donations help projects pay developers for their contributions, sponsor project related meetups, or other project expenses, such as documentation or marketing.

Project administrators can also apply to have their projects offer a mentorship program to help aspiring developers learn while they contribute to their open source project. Projects can utilize raised funds to pay mentee stipends and provide travel funds for events and project summits.

Backers and sponsors donate money to open source community projects and events.

  • Backers are individuals who donate a minimum of $5.

  • Sponsors are companies that donate a minimum of $200.

Designated beneficiaries get reimbursed for their work efforts by submitting expenses via Expensify Reports.

How to Participate

You can participate by applying and submitting your open source project, project related travel fund or event to raise money through crowdfunding, as well as by donating to projects, and sponsoring events and travel funds.

You must have an LF SSO account to sign in to crowdfunding to participate. For Sign In details, view sign in to your account. Note: If you already have an LF SSO account, you can sign in using your SSO credentials.

Submit an application

As an individual/project administrator, **** you can submit an application to list your category on crowdfunding and raise funds for your Git-based open source project. After your fund is approved by the Linux Foundation, it will be publicly visible on the crowdfunding dashboard. You can also apply for event crowdfunding or travel funds by submitting an Event Application Form or a Travel Fund application form.


As an individual you can donate to projects and/or travel fund, and sponsor events. For details, see Donate as an Individual, and Sponsor Events.

As an organization you can donate to projects and/or travel funds, and sponsor events. For details, see Donate as an Organization, and Sponsor Events.

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