Submit Expensify Report to Receive Mentorship Stipend

After receiving a successful performance evaluation, all mentees are required to submit an Expensify report to receive mentorship stipend payments. There are two stipend payments, the first one halfway through the mentorship, and the second one upon successful completion of the program.
To create and submit an Expensify Report:
1. Sign in to Expensify. Note: Ensure that you use the same email address that you used to set up your account in Expensify.
2. Under your account, select the Reports tab.
Reports page
3. On the Reports window, click New Report located in the top-right corner of the screen.
New Report
5. Click Add Expenses to create and add a new expense.
Add Expenses
6. On Add Expenses To Report page, click New Expenses to create a new expense.
New Expense
7. Create a new expense by completing the fields as follows:
  • Merchant: Your name
  • Date: Date of the stipend payment (today's date)
  • Total: 50% of the total amount of your stipend payment for midterm and final evaluation periods.
  • Category: Select Mentorship from the dropdown list.
  • Projects: Search and Select the appropriate mentorship program for which the mentee has been accepted into
  • Description: Name of your mentorship - mentee stipend payment <#> of <#> for example: "Linux Kernel - mentee stipend payment 1 of 2"
Select your project
Click Save.
1. United States residents: please add the US bank deposit account to Expensify when first setting up the Expensify account
2. International mentees not residing in the US: please add “ - International Bank” after your name. The Linux Foundation will use the Wire Transfer Form you submitted with your acceptance letter to process your stipend payment
3. If you need to update your bank information, please download and use the wire transfer form below, add "updated" to the title, and attach it as a receipt with your report.
8. After you're redirected to the Reports page, click Submit from the top left corner.
9. (Optional) Provide the email address of an individual in the CC field if you want to share the report with the individual.
10. Click Send.
If you reside in the United States, add a U.S. bank deposit account to Expensify by navigating to Settings > Account > Payments > Bank Accounts as shown below.
NOTE: It may take up to 30 business days for the funds to be processed via wire transfer and released by a bank outside the United States.