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What do I have to do as a Project Administrator?

1. Ensure that your maintainer list is up to date in community management.

  1. 1.
    Currently, LF Project Administrators can gain access to community management in our new version of Insights. To gain access, create a support ticket and provide the following details:
  • Your LFID.
  • Your email registered with this LFID.
  • The Project you need access to.
Community Management
2. In Community Management, mark your project’s maintainers as a maintainer by selecting the 3 dots to the right and selecting Add Maintainer Tag.
Maintainer's badges
3. The maintainer tag should now be shown in the Community Management dashboard.
Maintainer on CM

2. Ensure you have issued your maintainers a Credly maintainer badge

Reach out to Craig Ross at,[email protected] and we can assist projects with designing their own Credly Badges.
The following template mock-ups are available for project maintainers:
Maintainer templates

3. Congratulations!! You are all set

Once your maintainers are identified in Community Management and you have issued your maintainers a badge via Credly.
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