Organization Dashboard - 03/July/2023 Release

Organization Dashboard Overview

The Organization Dashboard provides a powerful dashboard to the companies or organizations that assists you to envision a complex data into a easy to read and meaningful data. The Organization Dashboard enables you to gather, combine, and organize key project data from a single console. The Organization Dashboard provides dashboards, charts, and widgets which will analyze and displays Key Performance Indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points related to the management of your projects. You can read more about Organization Dashboard by visiting our website.

New Features, Updates and Bug Fixes

This sections provides you with list of new features, updates and bug fixes for this release.

New Features

The following list provides you an overview of new features implemented in this release:

  • Onboard Widget

    An onboarding widget for admin users and LF staff. It's designed to show them the true power of the Organization Dashboard and how it adds value to their open-source investment. It is also added with nifty cookie mechanism that allows users to keep track of their completed tasks. For certain tasks, instructional GIFs are available in the application. You can expand and collapse the size of these GIFs for your convenience.


The following list provides new updates to the existing features:

  • Enhancements to the Admin Invitation Workflow The two-step process has been eliminated and you can invite users without LFID in a easy manner. "Resend Invite" has been introduced for pending invites. Now admins can easily keep track of their invitation status

  • Memberships Page Enhancements The look and feel of the claim experience under the Benefits tab has been enhanced. Now it's even easier for users to understand the difference between Claimed and Unclaimed benefits.

  • Profile Enhancement The logo upload process has been enhanced and updated. Admins can now add logos in just one step, without the need to validate the remaining fields within the profile. It's a streamlined and hassle-free experience that saves you time and effort.

Bug Fixes


Known Issues


Support Information

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