The Unaffiliated dashboard shows a statistical analysis of contributors who are not affiliated with any organization or whose organization affiliation is unknown.

To learn more about unaffiliated contributors, see common-terms.

Using the bar chart, you can analyze the following data:

  • Total unaffiliated contributors for the selected time period and the percentage change.

  • Total number of unaffiliated contributors for the selected month. Hover over the graph to see the total number on the bar.

To analyze the unaffiliated contributor dashboard:

  1. Click CONTRIBUTOR LEADERSHIP at the bottom of the chart that takes you to the Community Management > People dashboard.

  2. Select the pre-filtered time period.

  3. Select the project and Technical Contribution as the activity cohorts and Active as the people cohort.

  4. The CM dashboard in this case will only show contributors with missing affiliations.

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