Gerrit data connector is a tool that allows you to connect Gerrit, a web-based code review system for Git repositories, with other data sources or systems. This connector enables you to extract, transform, and load data between Gerrit and Insights.

Following are the different Gerrit activity types:

Patchset Activities

Patchset activities refer to the actions or events that occur within a specific patchset within a changeset. Patchsets are iterations of code changes within a changeset that are up for review.

Some examples of patchset activities include:

  • Patchset created: Indicates the creation of a new patchset within a changeset.

  • Patchset updated: Denotes that an existing patchset within a changeset has been updated with new code changes.

  • Patchset comment created: Signifies the creation of a new comment specifically on a patchset within a changeset.

  • Patchset approval created: Indicates the creation of an approval on a specific patchset within a changes

  • Represents the inclusion of a new comment to a changeset or patchset in the code review process.

  • Utilized for giving feedback, posing queries, or debating code modifications.

Changesets Reviews
  • Signifies a code review request for a specific changeset.

  • Triggered when a developer seeks feedback on their code changes.

  • Involves team members providing feedback.

Changesets Abandoned
  • Abandoned Changesets: Refers to modifications or proposed changes to the codebase that were initiated but not finished or integrated into the main project.

  • Nature of Abandonment: These changesets represent work that started with the intention to improve or modify the project but was halted and left incomplete.

  • Impact on Development: Though not merged, understanding abandoned changesets can offer insights into the evolutionary process of a project's development and potential areas for future improvement.

Changesets Merged
  • Represents approval of a changeset

  • Confirms successful integration into the primary code repository

  • Indicates the changes are now official within the codebase

Changesets Opened
  • Refers to creating a new changeset in the code review system.

  • Indicates a developer has submitted code changes for review.

  • Marks the start of the review process for the submitted changes.

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